AIT installs, maintains, and repairs business computer equipment and networks in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer three service plans which are summarized below.

How to Sign Up

To subscribe to our services you must first register and accept our Terms of Service. Each person who will be submitting support requests will need to register. You can do that by clicking the link below.

Getting Help

Once you have registered you can engage our services at any time by visiting our Help Center and submitting a support request. 

IT Service Plans

Service TypeBreak / Fix RepairProactive Maintenence and ConsultingMulti-Site Service
Monthly Fee$0$35 / Computer
$25 / NAS or Firewall
$95 / Server or PBX
$25 / QuickBooks User
$2 / Cloud Service User Account
$2 / Phone (mobile, VoIP or DPT)
$5 / Anti-Phishing Enrolee
$500 / site
$5 / Anti-Phishing Enrolee
Labor Rate
(for unincluded services)
$385 / hour
$135 / hour$150 / hour
Included ServicesNone
  • 65% Labor Discount
  • Priority Support
  • Equipment Health and Security Monitoring
  • System and Software Update Installation
  • Malware Removal
  • Free Loaners for Devices Under Repair
  • Administrative Updates (password resets, username changes, etc.)
Vendor Management
Response Time24 Hours4 Hours4 Hours

Service is provided on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Service outside of these hours and on holidays is available at 1.5 times the labor rates shown above. Response times listed above are typical and not guaranteed. Loaner devices are provided on an as available basis. The full detail of these plans can be found on the Terms of Service page.

Backup Appliance and Service

The AIT Backup appliance is a network device that continuously backs up data on computers, servers, and network-attached storage (NAS) devices. It is ransomware resistant and HIPAA compliant. Backups are stored both locally for rapid restoration and in a cloud for disaster recovery. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. The cost is $1,895 for the appliance. There is a monthly charge of $20 per device backed up plus $45 per terabyte of cloud storage used.

Computer Forensic Services

Case evaluation, document preparation, and general
consultation. Extraction and analysis of computer and
communications systems data.
In court expert testimony, depositions, and sworn statements.$475/hour
Preparation of a forensic image of computer hard drive using a certified
forensic bridge. Generate MD5 and SHA1 verification keys. Create
searchable index of all data (deleted and undeleted) on the drive.
Image Copy
Prepare and ship a certified copy of a computer forensic image on a portable
hard drive. The cost of the hard drive and ground shipping is included.

Computer Technical Support

Should a hardware or software issue occur, we provide remote support, on-site support, and in-shop support.  Whatever the issue, we have the resources and expertise to fix and do it quickly.

Computer and Network Security

The two most devastating computer problems are (a) a security breach and (b) a catastrophic data loss.  The recovery costs dwarf all other repairs that we perform. Many businesses will not survive either of these perils, and ransom-ware combines them both.  We have the products and expertise to defend your business against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

Network Installation, Optimization, and Support

We install and maintain everything from network cables to firewalls, and remotely monitor and maintain the equipment.

Equipment Selection and Procurement Assistance

Our success depends on your success. So we learn how your business works, and use that knowledge to help you select appropriate and cost-effective technology.

Computer Forensic Services

AIT provides extensive computer forensic services.  These services include forensic investigation, forensic imaging and data recovery, evidence extraction, and forensic consulting.  We have been qualified by both state and federal courts to provide expert testimony.

Data Recovery Services

Lost your data?  We provide various recovery services to help you get it back.

Phone System Installation and Service

We install and service small business private branch exchange (PBX) systems and VoIP phone systems.