Contract Low-Voltage Cable Installer


Job Type

Part-time contract work, this is not a full-time position.

Job Description

You will be responsible for installing low-voltage, in-wall cables for computer and telephone system.  Primarily this will be Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet cables that will be installed inside walls, above ceilings and in crawl spaces of commercial buildings.

Work Location

San Francisco South Bay Area, and Pleasanton California area.

Work Schedule

As a contractor you set your own working hours. We will contact you by phone or email when an assignment is available.  You may accept or refuse any assignment, but once accepted you must begin work on it at the agreed upon time.

Education Requirements

Highshcool degree required.  AA or higher college degree preferred.

Experience Requirements

Minimum 1 year experience installing, terminating, and troubleshooting in-wall, Ethernet cables or telephone cables.


The pay rate for this job varries from $20/hour to $60/hour depending upon education and experience.  Checks are issued weekly.

Job Application

Principles only. Recruiters must not submit this application.

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